Basic guide to esports betting

If you want to start gambling on the competitive gaming scene, this is the perfect beginner’s guide and tips that will help you place bets responsibly and enjoy your online esports betting journey!

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Electronic sports, aka esports, is a competitive video gaming that refers to the professional scene (i.e., it involves professional gamers and not casual ones). As its popularity and revenue increase, there is esports betting growing alongside it.

To start on esports betting, you must know how esports betting works first. Betting on eSports works the same as the traditional sports events—you place a bet on the professional team/ player you want and earn when the selected team wins. And just like any other gambling, there are other various types of esports bets.

Types of esports bets

Next, choose what type of esports betting you want to wager on:

Tournament Winner

It is the most offered type of esports bets to bettors. Esports is a dynamic scene, and several factors may affect the performance of a team. Thus, you must analyze the team’s match history, performance, and individual players. Due to the shifts in the industry, games are becoming more unpredictable, making more upsets that allow the punters to make a huge sum of money.

Match Winner

You can also bet on individual match results. Upsets are common in esports. But with proper research, you can find good odds.

First Kill/Blood

In esports, the first kill or first blood often gives an advantage in the game. For example, in MOBAs, the first blood provides the team with a gold lead and experience lead that greatly impacts the early game and, eventually, the mid-game. In FPS games, a pistol-round win ensures an advantage to the winning team. Bets centered on first kill/blood are often special bets and can accumulate high payouts.

There are more types of esports bet that you can research, such as First Map, Over or Under Bets, Odd or Even Betting, Most Skills, Correct Score, and so much more.

But how would you know which team to place a bet on? Of course, you have to know and if possible, play the game. Knowing the technicalities and gameplay of the game is crucial. This can help you better understand and analyze the strengths, weaknesses, techniques, and match history of the team/s or player/s you are betting on. Some of the major esports titles are CS:GO, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Valorant, Overwatch, and FIFA. A wide range of tournament videos and highlights are available on streaming platforms such as Youtube, Facebook Gaming, and Twitch. Watching videos might help you plan out your betting strategies.

Online Platforms for Esports Betting

Choosing a platform to place your bets on is crucial. Not being meticulous in picking platforms for esports can lead to a big loss or being scammed. Some sites either take huge cuts on odds, lack the depth, or have substandard customer support service or channels.

The factors that you should consider in choosing the best esports betting sites are accessibility, the number of esports markets, variety of betting options, specific bonuses, payment methods, fund access options, customer support service, security, and the company site’s reputation. All of these factors are available online. You can look through online and peer reviews on the esports betting sites about these factors.

GG.Bet, Luckbox, Winners.Bet, Unikrn, and are some of the reputable esports betting sites in the industry. There are lots of reviews available online about these platforms.

Get started

Now that you have understood, strategized, and chosen esports betting sites you are most comfortable with, you can start your journey in esports betting.