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Top Players
  • Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi
  • Danil “Dendi” Ishutin
  • Clement “Puppey” Ivanov
  • Peter “PPD” Dager
  • Johan “N0tail” Sundstein
Facts & Figures
  • Developer: Valve
  • Launched: 2013
  • Players: 1 million +
  • Soundtrack: Spoils of war
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

DOTA 2 Betting Guide

Planning to get started with Dota 2 betting? This guide will provide you with all the information you need.

DOTA 2 is the highly-anticipated sequel to the original esports game, “Defense of the Ancients.” The original DOTA, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, was a mod for the Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos game.

Since its debut at Gamescom in 2011 and official release in 2013, DOTA 2 grew in popularity to become one of the most popular esports online. The International is the most revered tournament in DOTA 2 and the esports world, with the most lucrative player prize purses.

With The International set to visit Stockholm, Sweden for the 2020 Championships, it was the first time the tournament returned to Europe since 2011. However, the onset of the pandemic saw an end to those plans. The current schedule for the International sees it remaining in Sweden, with a possible August date for the tournament.

DOTA 2 presents several betting opportunities for esports gamblers, with the International offering the highlight betting opportunity in the esport. The game developer, Valve, hosts the International, working with partners to raise the prize money.

This guide to DOTA 2 betting gives you everything you need to know about how to profit from this esport.

Features of the best DOTA 2 betting sites

When you’re looking to bet on a DOTA 2 tournament, you’ll need to sign up with a bookie. Selecting the right bookie is fundamental to your betting experience. Make sure you follow these tips when choosing the right betting site for DOTA 2.

Dota 2
Dota 2

Multiple payment options

The more payment methods the bookie offers punters, the better. Look for bookies offering the conventional options of credit and debit cards, as wells as e-wallet options like PayPal and Stripe.

With crypto booming, many bookies are taking deposits in BTC and ETH. Check to see if they offer crypto options in the cashier section of the bookie’s website.

Timeous deposits and user-friendly withdrawals

How the bookie handles deposits and returns is the essential factor in deciding on your betting venue. You need your bookie to reflect deposits in your account instantly. They should offer to process withdrawals in 24 to 48-hours.

It’s important to note that process a withdrawal with any online bookie the first time may take up to 5-days for the funds to reflect in your nominated account.

Multiple esports markets

When you’re searching for a bookmaker, check to see what other esports markets they offer gamblers. The more leagues the bookie offers, the deeper their markets, and the more reliable they are with the gambling community.

Make sure you stick with bookies that have a credible reputation on social media. Avoid betting sites that have weak reputations. These fly-by-nights could end up ruining your gambling experience.

Mobile-friendly navigation and interface

The majority of esports betting occurs on mobile devices. Therefore, you need to ensure your bookie uses a mobile interface on its site. Trying to pinch-and-zoom your way around a desktop site will do nothing but frustrate you.

The platform should offer easy navigation and user-friendly operation. Make sure you can access your profile and account through the mobile interface.

Step-by-step guide to betting on DOTA 2

After using those tips to create a list of prospective bookies, it’s time to settle on your preferred betting partner. When signing up, we recommend using these two tips to finalize your choice on the right platform for your account.

What sign up bonus does the bookie offer?

All bookmakers offer signup bonuses to new users. Bookmaking is a competitive business, and there are plenty of companies eager to get their hands on your business. To attrac6t your attention, the bookie could offer you a “matched deposit” or a welcome bonus. Whatever the bonus, check to see the amount they have on offer.

Many bookies provide bonuses of up to $1,000. However, you’ll need to check on the terms and conditions of the bonus before signing up. Most bookies require you to meet certain “rollover” requirements before accessing the bonus funds.

Look for offers with the highest amounts and the lowest rollover figures. It’s common for bookies to throw in rollover terms for between 25X to 40X. This condition means you’ll have to turn over the money 25 to 40-times to access the funds.

Signing up and making your deposit

As mentioned, your bookie should offer you an instant deposit. However, it’s important that you complete any account verification documentation or processes before making your first withdrawal. If you don’t do it beforehand, it slows down your withdrawal time.

What are the types of DOTA 2 bets?

When you’re ready to place your first bet on a DOTA 2 tournament, you have plenty of options. Let’s walk you through the different betting models and find the best ones to suit your betting strategy.

Money-line bets

These bets are similar to the traditional sports betting model. With money line bets, your placing wagers on the outcome of a match or a tournament. It’s the most common type of bet found in esports, and it’s easy for newcomers to work with without finding it confusing.

Outright betting

This betting model otherwise referred to as “future market bets,” offers bettors the chance to bet on tournament results rather than individual match outcomes.


The accumulator betting strategy is risky, but it gives you the chance to multiply your winnings. This betting model aggregates several bets together, multiplying the odds.

Special DOTA 2 betting options

Special bets allow bettors the chance to bet on other aspects of the game other than the scoreline or outcome. With special bets, you can place wagers on the player to make the first kill in the match or changes in specific player statistics during the game.

In-play DOTA 2 betting

This betting model involves you placing bets during the event in real-time. It’s a great way to capitalize on situations like tie-breakers. The odds will fluctuate during the game, depending on the events occurring in real-time.

The biggest DOTA 2 tournaments to bet on

If you’re going to start betting on DOTA 2, there are two primary tournaments you need to watch out for during the calendar year. The DOTA Pro Circuit and the International are two of the largest esporting events of the year across all esports.

With total prize purses exceeding $34-million for players, there’s plenty of excitement around the international. Let’s take an in-depth look at both of these tournaments to uncover the betting opportunities they offer you.

The International

The International is the largest DOTA 2 tournament in the world. It’s also one of the biggest esports events of the year, with plenty of betting opportunities. The last International was to play out in Stockholm, Sweden. It was the first time the tournament reached European soil since 2011.

Alas, the coronavirus pandemic had different ideas, forcing the event organizers to push back the date for the tournament to August 2021. The last International offered payers more than $34-million in prize money, with several incredible prizes for placing in the top three.


The DOTA Pro Circuit is another leading tournament in the DOTA 2 esports community. The Pro Circuit divides into pro and amateur leagues, with the rules changing every few years.

The mission of the DOTA Pro Circuit is to gather the top teams from around the world, pitting them against each other in the toughest competitive environment. The season pits the best teams against each other, letting them earn a spot at The International.

DOTA 2 esports betting tips

If you want to get the best gambling experience possible out of betting on DOTA 2, we recommend following these tips.

Avoid chasing your losses

One of the biggest mistakes newcomers to betting make is blowing their bankroll chasing a loss. It’s easy to want to revenge-bet yourself back to breakeven, but this strategy almost always results in further losses.

When you’re chasing a loss, you’re overly emotional. When you get into that mind frame, it’s easy to make irrational decisions that cost you’re your bankroll. It’s challenging to manage your emotions, especially when you’re down. However, avoid chasing the loss and walk away.

To remove the risk in the deal, make sure you start with betting small amounts. Never bet more than you’re comfortable with losing. This strategy prevents you from going all-in in an attempt to recover your loss.

Avoiding stats

Many newcomers to betting on DOTA 2 find themselves lost in the stats. While stats are important, they shouldn’t form the primary basis of your decisions. Stats act more as a guideline to your betting strategy.

Focusing too hard on the stats may put you into a state of “analysis paralysis,” where you don’t know which decision to make. Affecting your decision-making process means that you’re likely to make the wrong bet and lose money.

Bad decision-making skills

The quality of your decisions determines the outcome of your betting strategy. If you do the proper due diligence on your bets, and you’re sure of the result, place your bet. However, don’t start taking lucky bets in the hope that you’ll win something.

The top gamblers in esports all follow a set strategy. Staying consistent with your system ensures long-term profitability with betting on DOTA 2.